Wednesday, June 3, 2015

boys are gross

I am so frustrated right now. Keith is being a royal pain in the butt. Yesterday I was trying to help him clean, but he just screamed at me, then attacked me when I wouldn't leave his room. So today we had to go down and clean his room because he had refused to and we found out that he has been hiding food in his dresser. He also is peeing on the floor when he is mad at us. We ended up taking almost everything out of his room and throwing most of it away. I am going to have to go through his dresser tomorrow and make sure he is not hiding anything else in his drawers. I also have to shampoo the carpets. Yeah, 'cause that sounds like fun - not. I do not understand why Keith wants to have a filthy room. I know he is a boy and they don't care, but it is just so gross. Boys - I will never understand them.

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