Wednesday, June 3, 2015

boys are gross

I am so frustrated right now. Keith is being a royal pain in the butt. Yesterday I was trying to help him clean, but he just screamed at me, then attacked me when I wouldn't leave his room. So today we had to go down and clean his room because he had refused to and we found out that he has been hiding food in his dresser. He also is peeing on the floor when he is mad at us. We ended up taking almost everything out of his room and throwing most of it away. I am going to have to go through his dresser tomorrow and make sure he is not hiding anything else in his drawers. I also have to shampoo the carpets. Yeah, 'cause that sounds like fun - not. I do not understand why Keith wants to have a filthy room. I know he is a boy and they don't care, but it is just so gross. Boys - I will never understand them.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Kicking Off The Summer

Wow, I can't believe how fast last week went by. I didn't even have time to post at all last week.  We went camping on Friday night. It was fun, but man, I forgot how hard it is to keep up with Raymond. This is the last week of school for two of my kiddos, which is going to get interesting for Jenny. She still has like a month or more of school. She is really going to struggle with getting up and going to school when the others don't have to.  Keith told me today that he doesn't want school to end. I was like sorry buddy but I can't control that. Hopefully I can find activities for him for the summer. I am looking forward to all of them being out of school so we can take it easy for a little while. Well it's late, so type you all later.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Cabin Fever

This weather has been crazy my poor kids want to go outside but it has just been too wet and cold. They are starting to get cabin fever. They don't do well with not getting out and working out their crazy energy out.   I know we need the rain, I just wish it could be a warmer rain. Keith is doing well.  His eye is starting heal. Thank goodness it didn't do any major damage to his cornea. Poor Raymond fell and hit his face on our coffee table, now I am using bruise blend to help his poor face. Tasha is loving the deep blue. It is really helping with her aches and pains from dance, not to mention mine and Mike's backs - which right now mine is killing me.

Friday, May 22, 2015

A Trip to Instacare

So life just loves to be crazy. I had to rush Keith to the Instacare last night. He got into the cat's face, and so kitty swiped him. The problem comes to be that the cat scratched his eye and sliced his eyelid.  So after he got nailed I knew I was going to have to take him in to make sure there was no damage to his eye. The doctor checked his eye and sure enough his cornea is scratched. Poor kid is still trying to get over this cold that he has caught still. He is starting to feel better but he still has this nasty cough that he can not seem to get rid of. Sounds like he is hacking up his lung. At least he is on his way to getting over this bug. Raymond is finally starting to chill with all the screeching. He is still really loud a lot, but I can deal with that. Just not the screeching. Jenny has also seemed to stop her banshee routine. So on the whole things are going well here. Now if we can just not have any more Instacare trips we will be great.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Today is good

Today has been a great day Keith came home and mowed the front lawn.  He was so excited to mow the lawn, which is amazing because he hates chores. He missed some spots, but considering it was his first time he did phenomenal.  He then went on to help me clean the living room with out any fits. It has been great. Jenny helped me do the laundry and dishes. Granted, Raymond was still a screechy kid, but i can deal with it if everyone else will be nice. We had all the kids help clear up the back yard so we could mow it before it rains again. Finally things are turning around it was a good day. I am so happy that Keith is starting to turn the corner.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Is summer ever going to come

Please tell me that summer will get here soon. We have been experience a lot of rain, which I know we need, but its really hard on the kids because they can't play outside. So they are going stir crazy, which in turn is driving us crazy. Jenny is still off track which is hard on me, Raymond is wild and crazy, I am having a really hard time keeping up with him. Keith has just been going from one extreme to another. One minute he is in a great mood, then he is so violent. Tasha has so much going on right now that its kinda of crazy. I am so looking forward to summer time when the pace slows down and things can be much slower. Which is funny because I usually can't wait for school to start again when it's summer time.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Sorry I didn't post yesterday. I have been so busy. Things have been crazy  around here. We have been rearranging the house.  Keith is still struggling. He hates all the cleaning that I have been having everyone do. Granted I am partly to blame. I have been so busy I have not been as good about putting the lavender on him. Raymond is acting  up as well. He is constantly yelling and he is saying no when he means yes. I am really struggling with my migraines again because of all of his screaming and yelling.  Past tense is helping with the headaches a little. Well its late so I am going to close. Everyone have a good night.