Friday, May 22, 2015

A Trip to Instacare

So life just loves to be crazy. I had to rush Keith to the Instacare last night. He got into the cat's face, and so kitty swiped him. The problem comes to be that the cat scratched his eye and sliced his eyelid.  So after he got nailed I knew I was going to have to take him in to make sure there was no damage to his eye. The doctor checked his eye and sure enough his cornea is scratched. Poor kid is still trying to get over this cold that he has caught still. He is starting to feel better but he still has this nasty cough that he can not seem to get rid of. Sounds like he is hacking up his lung. At least he is on his way to getting over this bug. Raymond is finally starting to chill with all the screeching. He is still really loud a lot, but I can deal with that. Just not the screeching. Jenny has also seemed to stop her banshee routine. So on the whole things are going well here. Now if we can just not have any more Instacare trips we will be great.

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