Saturday, May 2, 2015

Fun at the Fair

So I told you in the last post that we were going to take the kids to a fair. Well we did. It was really fun. There was a tarantula, bearded lizard, and snakes. Raymond wouldn't even get near any of them. Keith was so funny because he wanted to be near the snakes but not the spider. Tasha was talking to authors almost the whole time we were there. The kids had a blast watching the performance that the fair put on. It was two guys dueling, though actually it was more of a comedy routine. There were also bunnies there. Jenny was in hog heaven. She loved petting those bunnies. Raymond was running everywhere. He wanted to see everything. The kids had a blast.

1 comment:

  1. I'm glad your kids had fun at the fair. I'm loving the posts. Sorry life has been a little chaotic lately though. Just keep showing those kiddos that you love them. If Lavender isn't seeming to help Jenny very effectively maybe you could try serenity? Also Balance on the bottom of her feet might be effective too.