Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Sometimes I just want a break

So jenny is off track for the next 3 weeks. That is going to make it a very long 3 weeks for me. She has already been screeching at me and she is only been off for 3 days. The lavender has been helping, but it can't overcome her desire to be on the computer or videos games all day. I am like no way she needs to get outside - she needs to do something that doesn't involve a screen . Raymond has also been screeching a lot lately. My migraines are starting to come back. I would love to hear from anyone if they have any ideas on how to get kids to stop being banshees. I get Raymond. I don't like it, but i get it.  Jenny, though, I can't figure out. She throws fits like her baby brother. It drives me bonkers. We are going to take them to an autism fair tomorrow. I think they will love it. Wish us luck. It should be interesting. Mike gave me Tuesday off and I already want another vacation.

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