Friday, April 24, 2015

Crazy life

When it rains it certainly pours. Sorry I did not get a post up on wednesday it was a crazy day. So just when we think that we are getting Keith calmed down, we get hit from left field. He came home wednesday and immediately started blowing up at me, yelling and screaming about how I hate him, and that no one loves him, and that I am a horrible mom, and he wants to kill himself. Now mind you I haven't even had a chance to say, "Hi Keith, how was your day?" I really wish I knew what it is about spring that sets him off so bad. So anyway, he is just yelling and screaming at me, gets in my face, and I was trying to reason with him which I know is stupid, cause you can not reason with him when he is like that. I finally had to just send him to his rom and let him throw a fit in his room until he calmed down and fell asleep. I think I am going to buy a diffuser and see if that will work to use oils to get him to calm down faster. I was so worried there for a minute that he was going to attack me again, cause nothing good ever happens when I end up having to restrain him. Summer can't come fast enough.

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