Sunday, April 12, 2015

My Little Banshee

Jenny is my youngest daughter. We have know since she was little that something was different with her she didn't talk till she was three.  They diagnosed her as autistic spectrum disorder. She is so completely different from her brother.  Where he wants to be social but he doesn't get social cues. She really doesn't care she has a few friends but really she is completely happy to just be by herself. Then about 4 or 5 years ago our seizure alert dog just started going nuts the only kid home was Jenny. I couldn't figure out why Zoey was flipping out, but I figured I should get her checked out. After the doctors ran some tests, turns out Jenny has seizures too. I wont lie my heart broke a little. We had been struggling trying to get Keith's seizures under control and now I found out that I have Jenny  with seizures.   Jenny's have proven to be much harder than Keith's. Where he has the one you can see them pretty obviously Jenny has absence seizure where she just stares off into space. If you are not looking right at her you can miss it. Plus hers hit all over her brain not just one area. Jenny is not violent but her autism causes her to scream like a banshee which tends to set off everyone. I have her on clary sage which does wonders for her seizures. I am going to start her on lavender to help control her outbursts and help her with anxiety issues.

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