Monday, April 6, 2015

My Hubbys battle

This post is about my husbands battles with his bipolar. Mike has always struggled with it. When i met him  i didn't even know he was bipolar. He coped pretty well at that time. Then we got married we started having kids which is stressful but he did great until he suffered a traumatic brain injury while i was pregnant with our third child. then everything was just chaos i suddenly didn't even know the man i was married to.  Mike struggled to know who he was he no longer felt like he was himself. after years he still struggled with it but then i was introduced to Doterra. I was so desperate to try anything that would help him and my kids. I started him on their life long vitality and little by little he is coming back there are still days that he struggles with it but they are getting fewer and far between. Before llv Mike would get sick all the time i think it was partly the stress would get to him and partly bipolar just wears down an immune system. During the year of taking llv he has only gotten sick once which was unheard of before. He is still on prescription medication which i am hoping to get him off of soon.

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