Monday, April 13, 2015

Set Backs

This weekend was full of major setbacks. Keith just seems like he is determined to get away from us. He keeps saying that we hate him and that we are trying to ruin his life. The reality is we love him and he can't see that assaulting people and stealing and destroying property is only going to hurt him in the end. I am struggling right now with how to help him cause he just wants to get locked up in the psychiatric hospital again. When he is there though he just wants to be home. I am worried that if we can't get him to understand that his actions have consequences that he is going to end up in juvie or worse dead. There has got to be more help out there for kids like him. He doesn't fit in a box. They all want to just put him in this box marked bipolar or epileptic etc but he is not just one diagnosis. He is more than that and he refuses to be put in any one box.

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