Friday, April 10, 2015

Keiths Struggles

 For years we have severely struggled with Keith with all of his issues. He has been in multiple incidents with police. We have had to change his school three times. He has attacked me and his siblings numerous times. We have been forced to institutionalize him several times  He currently is on multiple medications to try to control his violent outburst and we still were just hitting brick walls. We couldn't get any help they just wanted to keep adding more pharmaceuticals.  I was like how many more can you put this poor kid on he is on so many already and they have so many possible nasty side effects.  We even had one cop tell us that this kid needed a good sound beating. I was floored that this cop is telling me this cause you know if i ever even threatened to do it cps would be there beating down my door taking my kids away. As I have already told you Keith can be quite violent. Which makes life very hard when you have other children. Keith attacks his younger sister a lot not Tasha so much cause she fights back. Jenny is just starting to learn to fight back. Thankfully he loves Raymond so much that he has never intentionally hurt him. We have found that lavender calms Keith down when he is getting into one of his moods. I put lavender on his feet at night and on his chest in the morning. Lavender has taken down the number of incidents we were experiencing from 2 to 3 a month to we now went 8 month in between incidents. Granted he is by no means cured. In fact we just yesterday got a call from the school police officer. He was destroying school property. He is now on probation if he does anything in the next 3 week he will end up in court. Like i said we are still going through this but it is way better, and I still hope we can start taking him off some of the prescriptions that have such nasty side effect. I mean really they can't tell me that they know for one hundred percent what having a 10  year old on like 10 different medicine is doing to his body.

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